About Us

At the Green Business Partnership, sustainability is not a catchphrase, but a means to an important end.


Sustainable business as the global standard to ensure that all people and communities have equitable access to a safe, clean, healthy, and nourishing environment.


Engage, educate and empower organizational leaders and staff to accelerate sustainable business.


  • Equity & Justice – all people should have access to sustainable products, services, and experiences and we must recognize and take action to address the disproportionate effects of climate change on economically-distressed communities and communities of color

  • Teamwork – As we embrace diversity, we know it is teamwork and partnerships that bring us together to achieve greater success… and allows participants to see the value in others

  • Results – Enough is at stake that effort is not enough. The technology exists to measure the impact of our sustainability efforts, and we should use it 

  • Legacy/global thinking – from the earth itself and its abundant resources to individual small businesses, sustainable practices enable us to leave something for those who come after

  • Simplicity – the guiding principle of not using more than is necessary serves to preserve resource for others, reduce waste, save money and so much more


For 12 years, our team has expertly guided businesses through the process of becoming more sustainable:

Dani Glaser, GBP Program Director, dani@greenbusinesspartnership.org. Dani is the Founder/CEO of Green Team Spirit LLC (est.2009) and is best known for her role in influencing systemic change in sustainable business practices. Learn more about Dani and connect on LinkedIn.

Scott Fernqvist, GBP Program Director, Westchester County and Green Business Partnership; scott@greenbusinesspartnership.org. Scott is co-Program Director of the Green Business Partnership and manages the GBP public-private partnership on behalf of Westchester County Government. Scott is passionate about sustainability and enjoys working with GBP’s diverse community of members and partners to accelerate the adoption of green business practices.

Jana Petrikova, GBP Program Director, jana@greenbusinesspartnership.org. Jana is the author of The Green Team Spirit LLC Performance Tool© and she supervises its maintenance. In addition, her role is to review the materials submitted for GBP certification. Jana is also responsible for the program’s budget and financing. Learn more about Jana and connect on LinkedIn.


The Green Business Partnership (GBP) was founded in 2009, a program of the Business Council of Westchester in partnership with Westchester County and Green Team Spirit LLC.  

The county’s largest and most influential business membership organization, the Business Council of Westchester helps businesses build, connect and win.

Green Team Spirit LLC founded in February 2009 by CEO Dani Glaser, developed the proprietary Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol as well as the GTS Toolkit©, which contains templates, resource links and step-by-step guidance to set policy, take action and measure performance. Green Team Spirit provides the licensed tools to the GBP.

With a population nearing one million residents,  Westchester County is the 500-square mile region just north of New York City. In 2009 the county released a community-wide plan to translate leadership and vision on climate change and sustainable development into workable strategies that can generate practical actions for all sectors, including business.

“THANKS SO MUCH! This has been one of the most rewarding efforts I have personally been involved with in some 25 years of my working career. We really appreciate all of the support in helping us get there.”
David Sica, Leed Green Associate
Facilities Manager, Westmed Medical Group