How it Works

The GBP program gives you the tools to become more sustainable in the areas of operation that will make the most impact for your organization and the environment, earn a green business certification, and continue to set and achieve new milestones for years to come.

The GBP sustainability program is fully customizable. When you join, you will schedule an onboarding meeting with GBP Program Directors who will work with you to make a plan, set goals and create a green team. You will also immediately gain access to our one-of-a kind online dashboard, which will guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming more sustainable.

You will use our proprietary Greenhouse Gas Emissions tool to calculate the economic and environmental impacts of energy, travel, waste, water and refrigerants used in your organization. This will show you where resources are being wasted so you can implement strategies to increase efficiency and save money.

After you’re certified, we’ll help you plan a celebration ceremony and share your good news with our network.

Are there other benefits, aside from certification? 

Beyond the certification process, GBP membership also entitles you to participate in our lively Google Group and online Team-Ups, where we take a proactive role in showcasing members’ knowledge and facilitating beneficial collaborations. For an additional fee (but included with sponsorships), members may host an educational Zoom webinar that will be promoted to our full list of 2,000 contacts and on social media.

This is the Investment:

Pricing & Eligibility

  • Open to businesses of all sizes and industries that lease or own commercial/industrial space 

  • Annual fee based on number of full-time employees (FTEs)

  • If signing up multiple locations, add FTEs across locations to calculate fees

  • 10% discount for nonprofit organizations