Steps to Green Business Partnership Certification

1. Distribute the Employee Survey and Employee Commuting Survey
2. Complete the Green Action List
3. Complete the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
4. Prepare and deliver a final presentation
5. Final verification & review

1. Distribute the Employee Survey and Employee Commuting Survey
You were provided with unique Survey Monkey links upon joining the Green Business Partnership. The purpose of the Employee Survey is to gauge current staff behaviors, attitudes and ideas about operating more sustainably at work, creating awareness of your environmental commitment company-wide, and inviting staff to volunteer on the green team. The Employee Commuting Survey collects employee commuting data for the GHG Emissions Inventory Tool.

We suggest distributing the surveys to staff in an email using the SURVEY DISTRIBUTION EMAIL (TEMPLATE).  In the same email, you can also distribute your organization's ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY (TEMPLATE).

2. Complete the Green Action List
The certification process includes the completion of required and voluntary actions designed to help you set policy, take action and measure performance in seven key environmental areas.
A.        Organizational Commitment
B.        Energy
C.        Materials Management - Waste & Recycling
D.        Materials Management - Purchasing
E.        Transportation
F.        Land Use
G.        Water
All required actions must be completed. If an action is not self explanatory, provide an explanation in the Notes box. This additional clarifying information is required in order for us to determine whether the action has been completed. If you answer N/A for a required or voluntary action, you must provide an explanation in the Notes box.

3. Complete the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
The GHG Inventory Tool* calculates the economic & environmental impacts of energy, travel, waste, water and refrigerants used in your organization. It helps you to identify where resources are being wasted and implement strategies to increase efficiency and save money as well as providing a basis for sustainability reporting. You are required to report on the two most recent calendar years. The following information is measured for each calendar year:
- Scope 1: All direct GHG emissions
- Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions from consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam
- Scope 3: Other indirect emissions (i.e., , transport-related activities in vehicles not owned or controlled by the reporting entity)
- Cost Analysis: Energy, Waste, Refrigerants, Travel and Water
- Metric Tons CO2e per dollar of the Cost: Energy, Travel, Refrigerants
- Usage Analysis: Energy, Travel, Waste Water
- Activity Data: Energy per Sq.Foot, Energy per Employee, Travel per Mile

Step by step guidelines are provided directly in the GHG Tool.

*Green Team Spirit LLC, Performance Tools © based on EPA guidelines and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol)

4. Prepare and deliver a final presentation
1. Visit HERE to download the GBP Final Presentation (view only) template in Google Slides.
2. Create a PowerPoint presentation on your computer and follow the template for what to include.
3. Once finalized, upload the presentation to Google Slides.
4. Visit
5. Click "Go to Google Slides" (sign into Google if not already)
6. Click "Start a new presentation, Blank".
7. File, Import Slides
8. Upload - drag file or select from your computer
9. Select all, Import slides.
10. In the top left corner, replace "Untitled Presentation" with your title.
11. Email the link to:

5. Final verification & review
Upon completing steps 1- 4 above, notify GBP staff that you are ready for a final review (email  Be sure to include a copy of your comprehensive environmental policy or individual policies as required in the Green Action List covering energy, materials management (waste & purchasing), transportation, land use and water as well as a summary of your most recent energy assessment conducted to determine the sources of your energy usage and opportunities for improvement (does not apply to tenants).

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