Green Business Partnership

Sustainability Made Simple

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Membership Benefits

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Save Money and Build Your Business

Get Certified and Get Recognized

Really, It's Easy!

Join the Green Business Partnership to access a comprehensive digital toolkit that allows organizations of any size and type to get certified as a green business. 

Four Steps to Certification:

1. Survey Employees

2. Complete “Required Actions”

3. Perform Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

4. Submit Final Presentation

Transform Your Organization From Within

So much ROI:

  • You’ve (really, legitimately) lessened your impact on the environment. 
  • You’re saving money and your business is growing. 
  • Your employees became engaged and empowered by the process. 
  • You’ve branded yourself an industry leader. 
  • Your business, if a green service provider, can appear in the Green Services Directory. 
  • You’ve received bigtime recognition for your certification as a green business. 
What? This hasn’t happened to you yet? Better join today and get started!

"It is such an honor to receive this certification as it depended on everyone in our office coming together to work towards a common goal, a greater cause that would benefit our community and set an example for tenants across our portfolio.”
 -Jim Diamond, CEO, Diamond Properties